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Eu s blockchain observatory will host ama on june 18th

EU’s Blockchain Observatory To Host AMA on June 18th

By Stefan Filipović
Published over 2 years ago

When Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies hit mainstream news in late 2017, the general public has started to get the basic idea about these innovations. Every time some innovation is introduced it is essential that people can easily find out everything they want to know about it. Accessibility of a new technology is one of the main reasons for later adoption of that technology by the people. Luckily for blockchain, this technology has some amazing proponents that work hard every day in order to inform people about the possible amazing benefits that this technology could bring. One of these proponents is EU’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum that is going to host an AMA on June 18th.

What is the EU’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum?

This is a pilot project created by European Parliament. Their goal is to accelerate the process of adoption of blockchain ecosystem in the European Union. Also, this forum would like to present Europe as a global leader in the adoption of blockchain technology.

Their mission revolves around monitoring blockchain initiatives in Europe. The main idea is that the Observatory provides a significant knowledge regarding blockchain technology. Also, idea is that forum is ought to be transparent in order that the all relevant information and opinions can be heard.

After all of this is done, EU will have a comprehensive idea about the technology itself and will be able to make a clear decision regarding implementation and regulation of blockchain.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

AMA session will be held on June 18th, at 6 pm CEST. It will last 90 minutes which are going to be dedicated to blockchain technologies with in-depth explanations of them. Also, interactive discussions with the panelists will be possible.

You can ask your questions to @EUBlockchain by using Twitter hashtag #AMAblockchain. Questions will be answered live on Youtube.

Why is this AMA important?

This AMA is important because you can get all the relevant information about the technology quickly, through relevant official sources. We are clouded with a lot of different opinions regarding blockchain technology, from glorious future predictions to possible disasters. The general public can feel extremely lost in these circumstances and that is not good for the public image of the blockchain. The question you wish to ask may wary from basic entry level inquiries to more advanced technical ones.


It is great to see initiatives like this. We will have an opportunity to ask the experts everything we always wanted to know about the technology. It would be interesting to see what they have to say about the future expectations regarding blockchain. Will everything go smoothly or will it be a rocky road ahead of us?

Also, they are so many more possible implementations of the technology that could really change the world. Could blockchain transform our democracy by bringing more transparent elections? How can we manage future databases in a more and more complex world? What could be the implementations of blockchain technology in the energy sector? Answers to all of these questions you can find out in the upcoming AMA.


Will you participate in the AMA? What would you ask? Share your opinion in the comments.