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Etherparty ICO website hacked, addresses spoofed.

By Rene van Pelt
Published about 3 years ago

The official website of the Etherparty ICO was hacked today. It happens more than often that hackers change the contribution ether address on the ICO page to their own. Leaving contributors without their money and without tokens..

What can you do to prevent this?

ICO organisers often share the contribution address on more channels. Like Twitter, Bitcointalk and Steem. You can see an overview of social links of all listed token sales on the ico list page.

Make sure to always double check the ether address you are sending your money to before it’s too late.

The Etherparty hack

Hackers stole more than 100 Ether today when they changed the contribution address on the Etherparty ICO website. In an official statement, they announce to compensate victims. They have temporarily shut down their site, until things settle down.

Update: The Etherparty website is in the air again. We wish you and your contributors good luck!