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Digitize Coin: How it has piqued the interest of crypto traders

By Paula
Published over 2 years ago

What is Digitize Coin?

Digitize is one of the new entrants into the ICO market that has piqued the interest of crypto traders. What is interesting about this coin is the niche that it is addressing in the society. It is a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows users to convert loose change into virtual currencies at any point of transaction. The tokenized loose can be used for payments, reward programs and exchanged for Ethereum.  Users can also opt to invest it in the crypto index.

Target problem

Just like most of the ICO in the market, Digitize is looking to address a serious problem in the society. Most people hate the idea of carrying loose coin after shopping, especially if they are coins. But Digitize platform is solving this problem by saving your change to your digital currency wallet. Once in your digital wallet, you can convert it into other currencies (Ethereum) and start trading them or use them for future payment.

Digitize Whitepaper

According to the white paper, digitize team aims help the world transition from cash-based into digital currency. The blockchain platform will be targeting consumers directly by solving the problems of fiat currency management. By converting loose change into digital currency, the company will help the society transition seamlessly from a cash-based economy to a digital economy. According to the whitepaper, the company aims to bring the public into the crypto world one transaction at a time.

Digitize Token sale

DTZ is the token or the currency that will be used on the Digitize ecosystem. The tokens will help users or developer making transactions on the platform.  According to the company, they will have a token supply of 200 million. The token pre-sale starts on April 4, 2018, and ends on April 13, 2018, and 10% of the supply (20 million) will be up for grabs. The pre-sale soft cap is set at 600 ETH. Although the company has set the price of the token at 0.0002 ETH per token, the pre-sale package will be accompanied by a 25% bonus.

What’s the Digitize future? 

AS a blockchain platform, Digitize has taken a different approach to solving problems in the financial sector. While other blockchain platforms are going tech and locking most people out, Digitize is bringing everyone on the board. The platform will solve a real-world problem affect ordinary consumers and also the business community. The team aims to create a platform on mobile devices thus making the technology much easily accessible to all. In a nutshell, the platform will be more of a necessity for the shopper and business community once it officially rolls out. Digitize is definitely a platform to watch. According to Digitize roadmap, the public launch will be somewhere in 2019.

Check out this video short for more info about Digitize coin: