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Decentralized fund sells asset-backed tokens in ICO

By Eduard Salm
Published about 3 years ago

In three weeks the start-up algo.land will have its ICO. Algo.land is a decentralized autonomous bot-trading pool on the Ethereum blockchain. 100% of contributions are your trading equity and all assets are in the hands of a trustee (a Swiss lawyer). So the tokens you receive will be asset backed and safe. Proven algos / trading bots with live forward tests are ready to trade. Trading bots / algos are software that calculate and execute trades automatically. They generate profits by trading technically i.e. they analyze the chart. The trades can be observed in nearly real time on myfxbook.com.

The fund is governed by the participants who can vote over proposals like trade size or payout of profits. The participants can also start proposals anytime. The smart contract and the peripheral systems are ready, so the fund can start right after the ICO. The base currency of the account can be Bitcoin or gold, so the fund can be independent of fiat currencies. The tokens can be traded on crypto-exchanges to a limited extent, but until the participants decide to increase the token sale, no further tokens will be sold in large quantities.