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Datarius and there unique approach to the financial industry

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

With the surging number of ICOs entering the digital currency market, it can be a little bit tricky choosing the best one. As a trader, you have to be very smart. Among the ICOs that are attracting the attention of cryptocurrency traders is Datarius ICO.

What is Datarius ICO?

This is an ICO for Datarius, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency bank. Datarius is a cryptocurrency bank based on the centralized but partially closed system. The platform is designed in a P2P model that provides users a broad choice of banking services and applications thus reducing the transaction cost. With this platform, borrowers can connect with the lender directly with lenders thus eliminating the need for middlemen. Other services that user can get from the platform include financial managers, insurance companies, trading terminals and financial analysts amongst a bunch of financial services for cheap.

It is this unique approach to the financial industry that has made Datarius ICO very popular on the digital currency market. The team objective is to give from all over the world access to financial products with minimal requirements and for cheap.

How does Datarius Work?

Datarious has one of the most expressive and elaborate whitepaper. The company aims to provide cryptocurrency holders with a vast range of banking services provided by the traditional banks. All the customer need is to deposit their cryptocurrencies in their accounts (Datarius accounts) to access banking services for cheap. Traders on the Datariosu ecosystem will are able to engage in P2P lending and borrowing, a thing that is lacking in the traditional banking.

But to cushion investors from rogue traders, the company will use a credit scoring system judged from the outsourced data about the traders. According to their whitepaper, the says that they will use data from the partner companies which we guess will be financial institutions.

The Datarius Token (DTRC)

DTRC is the currency that you need to trade on Datarius ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token, and thus it can be traded on any Ethereum-based ecosystem. The token sale began in mid-February 2018. The company has supplied 200 million DTRC tokens but has kept a hard cap of USD 67 million with 73% of the 200 million will go to the crowdsale.

Final Remarks

The main objective of Datarius is having a blockchain-based platform that provides banking services to the cryptocurrency industry. It will be replicating the services of the traditional banks, but make the transactions more efficient, fast and cheap. From the roadmap, the cryptocurrency bank should fully operational by June 2019. It is an excellent ICO to invest in.

Check out this video for information about Datarius ICO