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Asseta: A platform that aims at revolutionizing the banking industry

By Fiona
Published over 2 years ago

The adoption of blockchain technology into the financial was just a pipe dream a few years ago, especially due to the problem of scalability. With platforms such as Ethereum recording as low as 15 transactions per second, a lot had to be done to alleviate this problem. But things are looking good, and new promising blockchain-based platforms are coming up every day. Asseta is one of the new ICOs that has caused a bliss in the market.

What is Asseta ICO?

Asseta is a platform that aims at revolutionizing the banking industry by using blockchain technology. As a blockchain based platform, Asseta will establish a digital bank that will provide all traditional bank services. That is in addition to other financial services such as lending, insurance, cryptocurrency exchanges and investments amongst other services. By operating on blockchain network and digitally, the bank will be able to provide low cost, easy to use and borderless financial services. That is how robust Asseta platform will be. 

Asseta Whitepaper

In their whitepaper, the company has explained what makes their products from the rest. First, the team has addressed to issue of scalability to enable thousands of transactions per second. That shift has been made possible by decentralization of their network and the use of smart contracts. That will allow the platform to support high volumes of transactions per seconds (TPS), something that has been missing in the current blockchain technology.

The whitepaper also the Asseta will alleviate the issue of transparency by recording every transaction to a public ledger. The platform will also reduce fraud and improved customer loyalty as a result of enhanced transparency. 

Asseta Token and ICO Sale

AST is one of the Asseta token and the currency that is used to facilitate transactions on the Asseta ecosystem. Developers will need these coins to operate on the platform. AST is an ECR-20 compliant token. The ICO was held in 2nd- 28th February 2018 where 90% (27 million) were up for the distribution. For the remaining 10% (3 million), 8% is reserved for the Asseta team while the 2% was set aside for the bounty program.

Future Plans

Asseta is a highly potent blockchain-based platform. Its official rollout will mark the new beginning in the banking sector. The team plans to obtain a legal license to operate within the European Union by April 2018 and develop a customized payment card. The company also sought to acquire membership in major payment such as SEPA, SWIFT, and MasterCard. 2019 will see the platform spread tentacles in the US, Australia, Gibraltar, China, and Russia amongst other places. So if you wish to buy AST tokens, buy now before the price skyrockets.

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