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Announcing the collaboration between Senderon and The Tokener

By Rene
Published almost 3 years ago

We’re thrilled to say we have a day of celebration at The Tokener. After some very productive talks with the guys at Senderon, The Tokener was chosen as one of the sponsored Senderon projects.

About Senderon

Senderon is a community initiative behind the SDRN token. They sponsor projects that provide information and other kinds of value to the cryptocurrency community in different ways. One example is icoprobr.com, a website which shows in-depths reviews of initial coin offerings.

Apart from icoprobr are Leka, a crypto oriented messaging application and cryptobreakdown, which offers sentiment analysis on social media activity around different cryptocurrencies. Apart from these information platforms are the works-in-progress projects that will offer escrow and app-store services.

Current collaboration

The amount of listed ICO’s on thetokener.com is growing very rapidly. We therefore chose to start our collaboration with Senderon with a mutual link between listings on The Tokener and reviews on PROBR. For example, you can see the Monaize listing on both our sites. For both parties, the linking back-and-forth will help branding and SEO efforts.

Apart from that, we’ve been lucky enough to receive a little bit of monetary funding from the guys behind Senderon. With this publication we’d like to thank the guys of Senderon for there brilliant efforts to create a cryptocurrency with value from community and micro-crypto-angel-investments.

Future plans

Since Senderon is gathering a collection of like-minded services, applications and projects. We are certain that the mutual benefits of being included in this modern day accelerator program will be tremendous in the future. We will be closely involved with the Senderon project and will make sure to create value for their future projects.

Join the conversation

What do you think of our collaboration. Do you have any ideas for both Tokener or Senderon? Do you have suggestions for us? Let us know. We’re open for feedback 8/25!