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Daneel interview

An interview with Daneel’s CEO: Joseph Bedminster

By Aiden
Published over 2 years ago

In the interview, Joseph spoke about its successful ICO lead beginning of the year and which gathered more than $2 million while the market was dumping. “Finally, even if the market is bad, we are still in a strong period of investment in this new technology that is the Blockchain, and people just recognize the utility of our application and the power of the AI that we are developing.” Using IBM Watson, Daneel is probably one of the most advanced AI financial assistance on the market and promises to be a game changer when the product is released by the end of the year. We had the pleasure to interview the CEO and founder, Joseph Bedminster.


Can you explain how the idea of Daneel came about?


Actually, me and my entourage, as early investors, we found this problem of overabundance and non-truthfulness of information the crypto space. And we thought that having access to a comprehensive, reliable and rapid source of information is a fundamental part of the decision-making process in cryptocurrency investing. That’s why, as an AI enthusiast, I decided to create a smart assistant who will assist crypto investors daily in their decision making. We designed Daneel to address our problems as investors, initially to use it by ourselves. Then came the idea to market this solution. Daneel is, therefore, a solution created by investors, for crypto users.


What are the specific advantages of your solution? Why should people use it for their investment?


Unlike other A.I-crypto projects, our solution is positioned as a personal assistant created to accompany the user on a daily basis. We spent time observing and analyzing projects using A.I systems in the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain sector, and it appeared to us that although some technologies were interesting, it was not easy for the user to obtain the information they were looking for easily. Moreover, it seemed obvious that a solution integrating a conversational assistant system to guide the user in his daily life was needed if we wanted to make our own A.I system efficient. So, Daneel will help you save a considerable about of time by fetching the most reliable information about your personal crypto assets, thanks to its AI using IBM’s Watson. It is also able to identify and capture the market emotions at any given time. All that by a simple query thanks to its natural language understanding. For example, you will be able to ask Daneel “how people feel about Ethereum today?”. It gives us a significant competitive advantage because Daneel is a real assistant who will understand you and provide the best information you need. In contrast, all the other AI in the crypto space are community-based solutions.


What are your plans for the future and further actions?


We are currently working hard on the product development and company growth. We just opened an office in Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world based in Paris. We are also hiring many talented developers to make Daneel the best product possible. At the same time, we will be present at many Blockchain/Crypto/AI events across Europe this year to expand our address book and attract new partners. Our strategy regarding marketing and communication is orchestrated around the release of the product at the end of the year. Our goal is to make Daneel the most well known and recognized AI in the crypto space. We’re planning a launching event that will be held in Paris, together with our partners.


To finish, you spoke about IBM Watson, can you tell us more about this partnership?


Of course, as an IBM international partner, we joined the IBM Partnerworld program. 

This allows us to have access to IBM’s Cloud and Watson services, which offer very competitive Big Data technologies services, Artificial Intelligence, and recently, Blockchain services (IBM Blockchain Platform / Hyperledger) — https://www.ibm.com/blockchain/.

Indeed, with our status of the “IBM Business Partner,” we benefit from privileged assistance and support, and unrestricted access to all the IBM Watson services necessary for our AI, Daneel. It provides us with significant development opportunities. You can expect more detailed announcements about this partnership in the future, especially once the product is finished and available.



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