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Blockchain uses for traveling agencies

Use cases for blockchain in the world of travel

By Niels
Published over 2 years ago

Everyone loves to travel once in a while. And just like any other subject, people are also looking to implement blockchain in travel arrangements. Whether it is to make travel easier, more comfortable, or even to keep in contact with the people back home, blockchain has found a way.

How can blockchain be used by travel agencies?

Companies are striving to make travel more comfortable, cheaper and easier. Nobody wants their holiday or vacation ruined by the inconvenience of high data costs, uncomfortable travel arrangements, or missing out on important events back home. All of these things are what the travel agencies are looking to improve, and blockchain is the answer to all of those problems and more.

Some other use cases can be improving the experience and efficiency of ridesharing and package delivery and using one coin as payment option across the globe to remove the need to exchange currencies for each country. These are a few examples but the blockchain brings a lot of potential to traveling.


This list contains ICO’s looking to improve your travel experience via the blockchain.



Dylyver is a ride sharing and social transportation service based in Budapest, Hungary. It has made two mobile applications: the ride sharing platform "Dylyver Drive" that connects drivers and passengers, and a peer-to-peer platform for package delivery "Dylyver Cargo" that connects senders, couriers and receivers. Read more about them here




TravelerToken is a blockchain based payment system for the travel industry. Their goal is to create a secure payment method that is not limited by national borders, serving as a connection between the real world and blockchain. It will be provided and accepted by the members and affiliates of the foundation and will be traded on established online exchanges. Special credit cards will help you to manage and pay directly with the TravelerToken. Read more about them here




I’m sure we have all had an uncomfortable travel experience, be it because of loud children or from rock-hard airplane chairs. Airpod want to make your travel experience more comfortable by installing the “AirPod Sleeping Pod”. The AirPod Sleeping Pod is a capsule style unit made to be installed in public spaces. It is an ideal solution for people who are seeking an area to relax, sleep, or work, all while still in a public place. Read more about them here



Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom is the first decentralized telecom system looking to allow mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to directly interact with eachother. In order to combat high data costs and the hassle of replacing your SIM card when traveling, they made the BubbleTone Blockchain. Read more about them here