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Use cases for blockchain in the world of Charities and Good Causes

By Niels
Published over 2 years ago

Charities and good causes want to do good in the world and they want to use Blockchain to further their cause. Blockchain brings new possibilities and optimization to charities like never before.

How can blockchain be used in charitable organizations?

Charities are hoping to use blockchain as a way to change the way they operate. For example, they are looking to optimize their current workload, reach more people across the globe, gain more trust from their donors, and in general are looking to improve the way those donors pay. On top of that blockchain can also deal with the fraud and transparency of payments.


The following ICO's are charity focussed blockchain projects  





BCharity is building the first international charity exchange based on blockchain technology. This way they are looking to bring together charities and donors from all over the world. Read more about them here




Inpactor looks to better the world by enticing business to create more social work. They hope to push brands to have a purpose other than profit, with more financial transparency, more reliable and measurable impact, and better incentives. Read more about them here




Cherr.io is the exact ICO that fulfills every point written in this article. optimize workload, reach people across the globe, gain more trust from their donors, and looking to improve the way donors pay. They also want to use gamification to engage interested parties to donate and volunteer for others in need. Read more about them here


World peace coin


We can’t close this list without an ICO that is an actual charity. Word peace coin is looking to create a universal basic income through the use of blockchain technology, targeted to those who do not have a bank account or access to financial services. Read more about them here