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803 Mine ICO Issues 1st Ever Distribution

By River Duyk
Published over 2 years ago

The entire world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency could not exist without Bitcoin Miners. Now anybody can become part of this little known blockbuster investment.

TheTokener recently reported on several updates in the crypto-mining industry.  The sector is ripe with opportunity as prices have fallen of cryptocurrency, allowing the miners to pick up market share for cheap!  One such company is 803 Mine – An American Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining Operation that is building the infrastructure for the Blockchain of tomorrow. 

As the public hears more and more about these crypto opportunities by the way of ICO’s, aka Initial Coin Offerings, the concept of crypto mining remains elusive to all but the savvy blockchain enthusiast.  When people understand the undeniable value and need to crypto mining, they understand the incredible upside potential it holds for investors, early adopters, and especially 803 Mine Membership Token owners, who realize a significant discount on the ICO pre-sale, happening now at 803mine.com

Without a doubt, the launch of 803 Mine creates a new paradigm in cryptocurrency investing. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be part of the fastest growing AMERICAN based crypto mining operation that offers everything an investor could ask for.

All mining proceeds are deposited into the respective crypto wallets. Smart contracts allow the 803 Mine Membership Token owners to collect 50% of the monthly revenues from the 803 Mine Production.  25% is the target reinvestment rate and 25% is the target expense ratio for the mining.  This allows for a strategic growth model that is highly scalable and continues to generate value for its members and stakeholders.

803 Mine’s Token Bonus Ends Soon! Visit https://www.803mine.com for the most current information!