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Use cases for blockchain in the media

There is a lot of different kinds of media, ranging from tv to computers, and from online advertisements to newspapers and flyers. But how does the blockchain come into play with these sort of creative subjects?

Use cases for blockchain in the insurance world.

The insurance world is also looking for the disruptive force of the blockchain. They are looking to improve the trust in the financial services industry because the loss of trust impacts all businesses.

The Complete Guide to Smart ICO Investing

In order to make sure your investment decisions are not made by pure luck, we have decided to craft a guide for investing in the ICOs together with the chapter about the scams and how to spot one.

Fusion ICO: Why they have a lot of potential

FUSION is a public blockchain platform that aims to create an inclusive crypto-financial platform by providing cross-organization, cross-chain ad cross-data source smart contracts.

Interview with the CEO and founder of Altumea ICO

Altumea is a blockchain-based decentralized open-market platform for GPU-powered computation. It aims to be something like Airbnb for computing power – anyone with a spare...

OptiToken may set a new standard

OptiToken’s revolutionary strategies of “Buy Pressure” and “Strategic Scarcity” create perfect conditions for the cryptocurrency to thrive.

Truegame ICO: Everything you need to know

Blockchain technology has shown immense potential for many industries including finance amongst many others. Truegame ICO is revolutionizing gambling

Tigereum Listed on Coinmarketcap

Darren Olney-Fraser, Founder and CEO of Tigereum, has announced the listing of Tigereum on coinmarketcap.

Top 5 ICOs for Investment in March 2018

It is a well-known fact that nobody becomes rich by piling money under the mattress. These are the top opportunities in the ICO scene for March 2018

Messari, the Government of Tokens

Messari is the upcoming token,that will be used to regulate other ICOs and the article describes further on the requirements and mechanisims to be used.

These ICO's will end in February 2018

January is coming to an end. And now comes the time to look at opportunities in the future. Here is the complete list of ICO's ending in February 2018.

Pocketinns Umbrella Project: decentralized online marketplace

With an aim to bring about effortless transactions between a seller and a consumer in a decentralized online marketplace the Pocketinns Umbrella Project is set to bring a revolution in the segment of the online marketplace.

World’s First Blockchain Based Lottery Platform: Fire Lotto

The technology of blockchain is being adopted in almost all the industries today and Fire Lotto is the latest entrant in the blockchain market. Launched on 1st January 2018, it is the world’s first blockchain based lottery platform.

Forty-Seven Bank ICO

Forty-seven was founded by information Technologies, Finance, Economics, Marketing and professionals in the gaming industry in 2017.

Future of Banking

The future of banking is very bright as the banks are transforming to digital banks.

Movement App ICO – Earn Through Your Physical Activity

The Movement App is one of its kinds as it gives the users the ability to earn money through physical activity. A person’s physical activity will get converted to digital coins which then can be exchanged for tokens having real-world value.

Dogezer ICO Review

Cryptocurrency invention serves as a blessing to humanity at the moment. We review the innovation introduced by Dogezer.

Experty ICO – Calls Powered by Cryptocurrency

The current focus of Experty is to solve the problem of talent crisis in the blockchain community. It does so by allowing experts in the field to monetize their skills through a Skype-like voice and video application.


The VISACOIN website has been taken offline. Reports of scam.

Cypherium: The Blockchain Superhighway

Cypherium helps to prevent Sybil attack. It is a very difficult thing for an attacker to outvote honest node by cloning a large number of fake nodes to control the others.

Bitcoin breaks the $10000 Barrier

Bitcoin also known as the first decentralized digital payment system is the online digital currency that works without a central repository or single administrator

Top 10 ICO's for Investment in 2018

ICO is becoming a mainstream with the dawn of blockchain and cryptocurrency networks. More people are investing in ICOs which is increasing the competition.

Zabercoin - An Asset Backed Cryptocurrency

No matter what area of life, evolution is inevitable. The 21st century saw emergence of cryptocurrency which is considered to be the biggest revolution since the industrial revolution. Cryptocurrencies running over blockchain technology brings transformation like access to financial resources for all, uniform distribution of liquidity and may more.

Do you have non-crypto friends?

Tigereum will help early-adopters of crypto send crypto to their non-crypto friends and family. At the moment, crypto is a pretty exclusive club. Crypto is still the domain of early-adopters and tech-savvy people. Most crypto transfers occur between crypto friends and business associates.

ICO statistics: The best funded ICO's per category in 2017

There has been a dramatic change in the finance industry after the awareness about the ICO increased around the globe. ICO’s has become a billion-dollar industry with a potential to throw over the current economic system and paradigms known to us.

FintechFans to revolutionize HR with Blockchain-based tech

FintechFans Announce Their Plans to Launch a Tokensale for raising funds Groningen, NL – FintechFans, a leading platform for connecting Fintech companies with talented professionals, recently announced their plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering in the form of a Tokensale on January 3.

Big money and the Ethereum market

The primary native cryptocurrency of ethereum ether has increased substantially in the cryptocurrency exchange market. In the past 48 hours, the price of the commodity has surged up to 8 percent. Due to such milestones, big money may come to the ethereum market soon with billions of dollars to invest.

The 'why' of ICO's

ICO's offer a great way to start a project for a team that has a great idea. It provides the seed capital needed to attract talented people to work on the project and can provide a contribution to regular seedlings of venture capital funds in Silicon Valley.

Powerledger: The latest ICO innovation everyone should know about

The Australian government has secured an $8 million project in Fremantle using the Power Ledger program, which is number 29 in line with the latest ICO platforms in the world. This is an excellent step to make ICO a business priority and to reform the way we get and use energy.

Future of the Blockchain, a major change in the world economy

In the modern era, Blockchain is the world’s most popular digital wallet. It is a public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Let us look at, how this futuristic technology has the capability of taking over the world economy resulting in a global change.

What are the drawbacks of classic blockchain?

The price and value of cryptocurrencies are growing in unison. But not everyone knows that even the blockchain technology has its own huge drawbacks which can be easily seen by the example of Bitcoin.

Tigereum eyes opportunity to message crypto

Tigereum CEO Darren Olney-Fraser is leading an innovative development team that will enable crypto to be sent to friends and family simply and securely by instant message.

Everything about the KredX ICO

A new organization has just burst onto the ICO scene. KredX, launching their ICO recently on the 4th of October, say that they're here to make some changes to the way we use and interact with our Cryptocurrency.

Blockbid Announces Launch Of Multi-Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

As cryptocurrencies and ICO’s burst on to the scene, many users/traders have become frustrated with the way most platforms only trade in a specific type of Cryptocurrency. This leads to multiple login credentials for each trading platform. Blockbid’s newest ultra-secure Exchange will allow the trading of many cryptocurrencies using one single login.

803 Mine Launches ICO Pre-Sale

The entire world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency could not exist without Bitcoin Miners. Now anybody can become part of this little known blockbuster investment.

New Mangrove Report: Average ICO Returns 1,320%

LONDON — A blind investment in every ICO to this date, including those who have failed, would have brought an average return of 1,320% profit for investors.

Abu Dhabi Started Working on ICO Regulation

Abu Dhabi's Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), have recently released guidelines related to digital currencies and ICOs for the first time.