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The World Bit Bank project will create a group of cryptocurrency banks by acquiring existing banks in different countries (USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia) to service cryptocurrency customers.

To deliver the full range of financial services, World Bit Bank will include the following:

a cryptocurrency exchange;

a leasing company;

an insurance company;

a cryptocurrency fund.

Vitsolutions, LLC has been conducting technical development of the World Bit Bank project and researching innovative financial technologies and the blockchain technology since 2016. World Bit Group which manages the World Bit Bank was established in 2018. It was registered in the EU and holds the Virtual currency against fiat currency exchange license and the Virtual currency wallet service license. Being under European jurisdiction, all real and digital assets of investors will have the highest security

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-27

Ends 2018-06-27

Token Sale

Starts 2018-10-02

Ends 2019-01-31

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Igor b3f42 aca5bef10affc2f5185fcfd0b2eddbaa b3f42 resize 252 0
Igor Romanenko
Founder, CEO - "World Bit Bank", Founder "Vitsolutions", LLC
Photo 500x500 vlad b3f42 2088d7f32563a038e973c11e39e39751 b3f42 resize 252 0
Vlad Romanenko
Co-founder "Vitsolutions", LLC
Photo b3f42 ea5b6b19177f250a37b2295bcb988476 b3f42 resize 252 0
Vasily Solovyev
Banking Specialist
Soldatova b3f42 57a2d59631d26b6f53fc901d1c310068 b3f42 resize 252 0
Tatyana Soldatova
Project manager
Niksem b3f42 54e89fcc1932d10243bf905d59a3753d b3f42 resize 252 0
Nikolai Miroshnik
Banking Specialist&VP
Boyamy b3f42 e4cfbacbc0f9392ad9f0090746653d4b b3f42 resize 252 0
Maksim Boyko
CEO "Vitsolutions", LLC
Natalya yablonskaya b3f42 707ea5be45eff1af88641849753679e9 b3f42 resize 252 0
Natalia Yablonskaya
Lawyer Corp
Photo 500x500 alina susa2 b3f42 52ed6eaa9f170b4fb8deb7f9f57b3869 b3f42 resize 252 0
Alina Sysa
Lawyer, banking specialist
Photo 500x500 sergeysokolov b3f42 aa8b0f7a05dbf375b278348fa0f5fbeb b3f42 resize 252 0
Sergey Sokolov
Co Founder – BrandU Production
Photo 500x500 kulik b3f42 56acd1685a1acbcf423c495d42cebee8 b3f42 resize 252 0
Sergey Kulik Senior Web Developer Founder&CEO - Company DARTC Kulik
Senior Web Developer Founder&CEO - Company DARTC
Photo mattmark b3f42 ef4ec084105775d569af62cd7a58ad0d b3f42 resize 252 0
Matt Mark
Cyber Security
Photo 500x500 kseniia deina b3f42 39519329548730b7b6f4c5effc83334e b3f42 resize 252 0
Kseniia Deina
SMM - manager
Photo 500x500 eduard sadontsev b3f42 3e47744713ed58776f7c480123290674 b3f42 resize 252 0
Eduard Sadontsev
Android Developer
Sebastian forbes b3f42 f496f26c59dfe80723437efa0f636b56 b3f42 resize 252 0
Sebastian Forbes
Financial expert
Photo 500x500 sriramvenkataraman b3f42 3f841d24340f1a8b0231e1c4bb778471 b3f42 resize 252 0
Sriram Venkataraman
Banking, Capital Markets Expert
Photo 500x500 victorchow sg1 b3f42 07f07c9c3814bc8120454f4435a85960 b3f42 resize 252 0
Victor Chow
Asian Market and Investment Expert
Photo 500x500 romanoliynykov ua1 b3f42 9afa976ac36e6ba445bf1a6b12fec998 b3f42 resize 252 0
Roman Oliynykov
Dr.Habil. (Dr.Sc.), professor of Information Systems and Technologies


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