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Vecap is an ambitious and very simple project that ensures the security of a smart home network thanks to innovative blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Every action carried out on the Vecap platform will be recorded in an immutable 


and virtually invulnerable database – in order to crack it, the hacker would need to get administrator access to 51% of individual devices, which becomes absolutely impossible as the project spreads around the world.


Vecap combines all smart homes into a single decentralized network and protects their data from intruders. The platform uses an innovative security standard that is independent from the built-in security features.


Thus, thanks to Vecap, hackers will no longer be able to penetrate the smart home data network and violate their privacy as they will no longer depend on a group of disparate storage devices on a company's vulnerable server. At the same time, Vecap will be able to make your data network not only safer, but also much faster and more efficient.

Pre Sale

Starts 2019-01-04

Ends 2019-01-31

Token Sale

Starts 2019-02-01

Ends 2019-04-28


Imad labbadi
Imad Labbadi
Founder & CEO
Frank wobig
Frank Wobig
Co-Founder & COO
Claas gnerlich
Claas Gnerlich
Entrepreneur with experience in Web Development and technical products.
Boris bosnar
Boris Bosnar
Entrepreneur with experience in developing websites
Sems samaras
Sems Samaras
Passionate Developer and technical team leader


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