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Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain. Vanig Patent Pending solution addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, providing a higher level of brand experience. Our Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain technology through HyperLedger’s Sawtooth Lake technology. We simplify the E-Commerce experience and its embedded Supply Chain, eliminating intermediaries and manual processes as it ushers in a new level of transparency.

The Vanig platform is safe, secure, and user-friendly, benefiting all members of the ecosystem and embraces cryptocurrency payments. It shortens recall process and timelines for manufacturers and retailers, providing real-time product visibility through to the consumer. Provenance information on products, increasingly an essential consumer ask, is fully integrated.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-07-23

Ends 2018-08-06

Token Sale

Starts 2018-07-23

Ends 2018-10-25

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Prem sakaran co founder
Prem Sekararan
Vinod kumar co founder
Vinodh KR
Dan ramirez ceo
Dan Ramirez
Philip abraham
Philip Abraham
Chief Strategy Officer
Geofrey rainey cto
Geofrey Rainey
Don quartiere advisor
Don Quartiere
Chief Solution Architect
Lars lima cco
Lars Lima
Brett brodbeck vp investor relations
Brett Brodbeck
VP Investor Relations
Vishal nigam blockchain architect
Vishal Nigam
Blockchain Architect
Thomas copeland marketing
Thomas Copeland
Digital Marketing Director
David drake advisor
David Drake
Board Advisor
Paddy tan advisor
Paddy Tan
Product Strategist
Alan wong market strategist
Alan Wong
Market Strategist
Jim cocallas advisor
Jim Cocallas
PR Advisor
Hans choi advisor
Hans Choi
Blockchain Expert
Syed ali ridha madihid
Syed Ali Ridha Madihid
Supply Chain Strategist - Asia
Jeremy khoo retail strategist
Jeremy Khoo
Retail Strategist
Glen liu zhenquan
Glen Liu Zhenquan
Token Economist
Destiny aigbe counsel
Destiny Aigbe
General Counsel / Securities Counsel


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