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UMKA is more than just a decentralized labor market. It is an efficient project implementation and a team-building tool based on the blockchain technology. UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system: 

*digital passport;

*secure contracts using the unique Agile Smart Contracts technology;

*arbitration system;

*project groups for cooperation with groups of freelancers;

*GNMT — Google Neural Machine Translation integrated in UMKA’s chat;

*online courses from world’s leading universities;

*expert communities.

UMKA means financial safety for all users: all platform transactions use agile smart contracts based on blockchain technology. AgileSC offers an opportunity for stage-by-stage project payments and agreed-upon amendments while guaranteeing efficiency and convenience for all parties involved.

UMKA takes a 1% commission from all transactions within the platform. It is the lowest commision on the freelance platform market to date. Funds, gathered this way will be distributed among UMK token holders.

The UMK token is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. 

UMKA will issue 180,000,000 tokens in one installment. 


Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-01

Ends 2018-05-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-06-01

Ends 2018-08-01


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Timur Akhmedjanov
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Sergey Sukhanov
COO, Blockchain Expert
Photo5370795297741056273 150x150
Evgeniy Mitrofanov
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Matvey Bogomolov
Blockchain Developer
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Vasilii Sorokin
Fullstack Developer
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Daria Gefenider
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Stanislav Belsky
SEO, Internet Markering
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Antonina Afanaskina
Designer, UX/UI
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Julia Shakhtina
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Constantin Bryzgalin
Lead Developer, DevOps
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Anatoly Ryumkin
iOS Developer
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Yevgeniy Lozovich
Android Developer
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Andrey Smolnikov
Frontend Developer
Dsc08117 150x150
Gleb Dvoryatkin
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Vera Khlopotnikova
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Aleksey Tsyttser
Designer, UX/UI
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Roman Baev
Designer, UX/UI
Dsc080441 150x150
Dmitry Ivanov
Frontend Developer
Dsc080601 1 150x150
Ann Sozinova
Umka 150x150
Photo 2018 02 19 17 39 10 160x160
Nick Mikhailovsky
Co-founder of NTR Lab, Sinergo, Crossss. Business Angel and Advisor of several Russian and American Startups
Photo 2018 02 19 160x160
Maxim Khalin
Partner of CryptoBazar Fund Business Developer, Investor. Expert in Blockchain Investing in FinTech sphere, neural network, and artificial intelligence


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