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Ufoodo is a non-profit food delivery service with its aim to revolutionize the on-demand delivery service branch. With the help of the Blockchain Technology and the therefore created payment method, the ufoodo Token (UFT), ufoodo creates a decentralized ecosystem which should equally serve the clients, restaurants and couriers. The platform directly connects clients, restaurants and a courier pool and allows to interact between the different parties. The Blockchain or rather the uChain-protocol ensures a safe autonomous process and a transparent payment processing for restaurants and couriers. As a result of eliminating the middleman, ufoodo is able to provide the delivery of qualitative food from the favorite restaurants of the clients, whereas the profit stays where it has been created. 

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-15

Ends 2018-03-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-15

Ends 2018-04-30


Imgl3014 pp
Lukasz Kowejsza
Franco leggio
Franco Leggio
Sarah claus
Sarah Claus
Marketing and Communication
Anon user
Artem Sacahrov
Michael rolnik
Michael Rolnik
Project Coordination
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Shin Kim
Mathematical Development


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