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The Trends Project (Trends) was created for the current and future generations of digital currency users. Trends assists users in correctly making their first decisions in the cryptocurrency market. Investing and trading have always been risky for the unaware, even before the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies people have inadvertently lost money on bad choices, investing poorly, on whims, bad news sources, and even poor advice. Unfortunately, even in the cryptocurrency market people continue to invest into projects without solid foundations or fundamentals that will ultimately lose money. 

New traders are a necessity for market growth. However, while inexperienced traders bring new money to the cryptocurrency market, they often make uninformed decisions. Poor decisions lead to negative experiences, which reflected in social media and friend groups. Indeed, bad experiences lead to the cryptocurrency market sometimes being called an unpredictable “wild west” (unregulated and wild). However, the cryptocurrency market is not dissimilar to any other market and follows predictable movements. The similarity between the cryptocurrency markets and others is where The Trends Project comes into the use. 


In any market, there are always analysts working in the background. The analysts follow movements and read charts to apply techniques called technical analysis. Technical analysis attempts to find certain patterns that indicate movements or trends in the market. However, very few are actually capable of doing this successfully. Our platform is designed to let you become like a real analyst without the complexity of learning it by yourself. Trends will guide and help you to learn why and how. The question of “Do I invest in a certain currency?” shouldn’t feel foreign after using the Trends platform.

The Trends Project will offer users the largest cryptocurrency information platform available that will become an extremely important information source for all traders both new and experienced.

The Trends Project believes information on effective trading should be available for everyone or any age or background to learn and follow. 

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-07-01

Ends 2018-07-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-08-15

Ends 2018-10-31


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