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ThinkCoin (TCO) is the cryptocurrency fueling the revolutionary new peer-to-peer trading network called TradeConnect, which will decentralize and democratize trading, allowing individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-03

Ends 2018-04-16

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-17

Ends 2018-04-30

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Nauman anees
Nauman Anees
Faizan anees
Faizan Anees
Rodolfo bianchet
Rodolfo Bianchet
Business Executive
Michael herron
Michael Herron
Strategic Advisor
Adil siddiqui
Adil Siddiqui
Director of Operations
Keith goldson
Keith Goldson
Marketing Advisor
Alla polyanskaya
Alla Polyanskaya
Audit & Compliance Manager
Naeem aslam
Naeem Aslam
Chief Market Analyst
Ryan case
Ryan Case
Head of Sales Training & Partnerships
Mark gosha
Mark Gosha
Senior Project Manager
Jai bifulco
Jai Bifulco
Marketing Director
Harley salt
Harley Salt
General Manager
Caroline olsen
Caroline Olsen
Marketing and Social Media Manager
Andrew lowry
Andrew Lowry
PR and Content Manager
Imane benhima
Imane Benhima
Digital Marketing Manager
Jacob galea
Jacob Galea
Head of Sales APAC
Atanas tashev
Atanas Tashev
Head of Mobile Team
Hristo katsarski
Hristo Katsarski
Senior Java Developer
Martin benkov
Martin Benkov
Development Manager
Panayot stoyanov
Panayot Stoyanov
Head of Design & UI/UX
Aldin music
Aldin Music
IT Engineering Manager
Strahil shorgov
Strahil Shorgov
Senior Software Developer


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