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The UXM – Optimizing the $79 Trillion Transactions Market

The UXM is an online platform for optimizing the $79 trillion of transactions worldwide. Through UXM optimization buyers enjoy the best price and sellers enjoy maximum profit simultaneously. Every transaction in the world can flow through, and be executed on the UXM website including those offered on all other websites and sold offline.

How Will You Benefit With The UXM?

·        UXM Shoppers and business buyers enjoy money-saving best deals through optimization

·        UXM Marketers enjoy no-risk advertising and maximum profits through optimization

·        UXM Members can earn extra income or start a business risk free with no investment

·        UXM Token Buyers receive yearly bonuses of 37% of revenue or more forever

·        The UXM business can sustain a healthy profit margin of around 20%

How Do You Benefit With The UXM?

First, UXM Transaction Generator™ AUTOMATICALLY generates new transaction streams and income for individuals and businesses – even those not selling or buying

Second, UXM Transaction Optimization™ AUTOMATICALLY achieves the best deal for buyer and seller simultaneously – lowest price for buyer and maximum profit for buyer

Third, UXM Monetization Multiplier™ AUTOMATICALLY turns each individual transaction into an ongoing stream of transaction income

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-28

Ends 2018-10-20


Bounty title Category Reward
UXM Bounty Program Multiple Depends on specific activity Go to details


Dylan McKarthy gave this ICO a 4 / 5