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The Joy – is a marketplace for the consumers and providers of wellness and beauty treatments. Using the services of The Joy, one can book the arrival of the practitioner to any place (your home, your workplace or the hotel) as well as make an appointment in a beauty salon or spa. The Joy provides freelancers and salons with orders, while consumers on the other hand get high quality beauty services at a time and place that is suitable for them. Advertisers can place targeted offline and online advertisements, and companies can arrange promotional campaigns and get big data statistics within the platform.

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Starts 2019-01-20

Ends 2019-05-01


Vladislav kiselev
Vladislav Kiselev
Founder, CEO
Bogdan nekhoda
Bogdan Nekhoda
Co-Founder, CFO
Emil khazifov
Emil Khazifov
Co-Founder, CCO
Lex anselm
Lex Anselm
Sergey kutyr
Sergey Kutyr
Sergey yurchenko
Sergey Yurchenko
Business development manager
Konstantin kravets
Konstantin Kravets
Senior project manager
Julia ushakova
Julia Ushakova
System analyst
Dmitriy biblev
Dmitriy Biblev
Lidia dogadkina
Lidia Dogadkina
Arsenii nohin
Arsenii Nohin
Project manager
Ruslan bratenko
Ruslan Bratenko
Front-end developer, AngularJS / VueJS developer
Vitaliy khomenko
Vitaliy Khomenko
Team lead, Back-end developer
Igor ponomarenko
Igor Ponomarenko
Art Director
Sergey gorbulya
Sergey Gorbulya
QA Specialist
Victoria ivakina
Victoria Ivakina
Social media manager
Aleksander koval
Aleksander Koval
QA Specialist
Nikita vorushilo
Nikita Vorushilo
Back-end developer
Denis panov
Denis Panov
Vlad bagriy
Vlad Bagriy
HTML Layout developer
Vadim fedenev
Vadim Fedenev
Back-end developer
Othman mirzan
Othman Mirzan
Sebastian klumpp
Sebastian Klumpp
Michael schneider
Michael Schneider
Achim l%c3%b6wen
Achim Loewen


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