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What is SupplyBloc Technology?

SupplyBloc is a management platform and software provider helping businesses operate within supply-chains using blockchain technology.

We offer turnkey user-facing solutions, APIs & SDKs for customizable software implementations, a sophisticated token (SUPX) for facilitating transactions, and a secure network for information exchange… all based on blockchain ledger infrastructure, smart contracts, and intuitive management software.

Why is SupplyBloc Technology Necessary?

Businesses working within supply-chains can’t efficiently track and monitor…

-The source, storage, transportation, and destination of their materials or products

-The interactions between supply-chain participants and their materials or products

-The exact location and status of their materials or products at any given moment

Participants within supply-chain networks lack trust and transparency. Self-interest combined with a lack of transparency causes…


-Single points of failure

-Restricted and inefficient flow of data and information

Typical supply-chains are complex systems with several individually-minded entities using a variety of disparate management tools.

There is a critical absence of a unified, secure, and trustworthy system for all participants within a supply-chain system to manage their individual input and assets.

How is SuppyBloc Technology Going to Solve These Issues?

Our platform, services, and application development kits enable businesses to easily and efficiently harness the power of blockchain technology to optimize their existing supply-chain networks.


Using blockchain ledger tech, SupplyBloc Technology will make all materials and products that exist on a supply-chain completely and immutably tracked and easily monitored or audited from their point of creation to their final end-user purchase.


Participants in supply-chain networks using SupplyBloc Technology will enjoy total transparency involving materials, products, transactions, and interactions within their system.


SupplyBloc will enable businesses within a supply-chain network to operate using the same technology and remain on the same page in terms of managing their communications, exchanges, and assets.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-15

Ends 2018-06-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-08-01

Ends 2018-09-01


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Robert McNulty
Co-Founder and CEO
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Rudy Brathwaite
Co-Founder and CIO
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Jeffrey Aaronson
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Meredith Mentzer
Director of Communications
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Everett Conrad
Director of Software Development
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Ihor Pidruchny
Blockchain and Smart Contract Developer
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Andrew Zubko
Blockchain and Smart Contract Developer
Glenn Hawkins
Director of Digital Marketing
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Rhett McNulty
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Anthony Shipp
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Bo White
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Steve Benson
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Lee Wolfe
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Alex Hinojosa
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Rob Dixon
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Jessica Velasquez
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David Motta
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Benjamin Bunker
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Sam Osborn
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Rene Van Pelt


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