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SquadCoins as payment for premium features in our party network app Squader. 

We came up with the idea for this app as we always heard for years how parties organized through WhatsApp or Facebook escalate because the organizer completely lost control of the number of guests that came.

This topic is exactly what we want to cover with our app!

With Squader, users can create private parties. This party is then shown to other users in the vicinity, with one big difference that the address is initially hidden. Interested guests must apply with their Squader profile for the party, and the host receives notifications with the profiles of users who would like to participate including an image, description and previous reviews. The host can then decide who gets the address!

The app already has 10.000 downloads and is available on Android and iOS.

Think of the hundreds of thousands of students and fraternities

No comparable app on the market yet

Squader connects people who may celebrate just a few blocks away from each other and not knowing about it. This way, house parties are networked together. It is also possible to create public parties, where the address is immediately visible, which is interesting for commercial users. Other functions of Squader: friend list, private messages, chat rooms for each party and the already mentioned rating system.

The key question: What will the tokens be used for?

In the case of the SquadCoin, the token will become the payment for premium functions in our app

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-28

Ends 2018-06-09


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Norbert Michniewicz
Founder / Software Engineer
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Moritz Janker
Founder / Business Development


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