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Sphere Network is a next-generation decentralized Social Media network.   

The problem with social media juggernauts today is that your online activity, data, and privacy belongs to them- and they freely sell it all to the highest bidder.  The problem with centralized servers is that their stores of sensitive data are vulnerable to hacking.

In their place, we are creating Sphere, a more transparent, honest, and open blockchain network.

We built Sphere on the main principles of privacy and security as an irrefutable right, giving users protection, security, and peace of mind.  Sphere is an established product and can be found on the internet, as well as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We currently have 600,000 registered users and the number is increasing.

 We introduce the Social Activity Token, or SAT.   SAT is a new form of digital currency designed to be used within Sphere – to connect people online for advertising, finding, sharing, buying, selling, and trading products and services.  SAT are ERC20 compliant and capped at 1 billion tokens.

  We accept crypto for payment through shapeshift.io. including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Dodgecoin, Ether, Firstblood, Aragon, Basic Attention Token, Bancor, Blackcoin, Civic, Clams, Dash, Digibyte, district0x, Edgeless, EOS, Ether Classic, Factoids, Funfair, GameCredits, Gnosis, Golem, Matchpool, Komodo, LBRY Credits, Numeraire, Nxt, OmiseGo, Potcoin, Augur, Reddcoin, RCN, iExec, Salt, Status, Storj, Startcoin, Swarm City, WeTrust, Vertcoin, Waves, Wings, Monero, Ripple, Zcah, and 0x.

Our Terms and Conditions are here: https://sphere.social/Sphere%20Terms%20and%20Conditions.pdf

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-12-01

Ends 2018-02-11

Token Sale

Starts 2018-02-12

Ends 2018-04-09

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