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Sooloox platform enables users to make money with their data. Basis of SOOLOOX platform is IDTX - the interest dimension and transaction box supplies its value to consumers, companies and CAK-owners. CAK – Cash Account-Key is an ERC20 compatible utility token – currency. The platform provides Start-Accounts and Cash-Accounts to execute and post user transactions in their different roles.
SOOLOOX provides unlimited Start-Accounts, which invite to use the platform immediately and free of charge.

A Cash-Account is a prerequisite for a USER to be able to make payments and withdrawals. With a Cash-Account, users can make the data usable with IDTX and transaction proceeds can be paid out.
Our disruptive marketing model will transfer company-marketing-budgets from publishers to consumers. Consumers won´t be any longer cash-cows for multinational companies but make cash themselves.

Users can act as vendors of their data on the SOOLOOX platform by providing interests leads and users can purchase products / services in the role as consumers. Companies will increase their sales by minimal transaction costs and reduced marketing expenses. Sooloox market entry barriers are low which enables more variety of different product / service offers. Users transact peer-to-peer – transparent on the blockchain.
Based on the Ethereum blockchain CAK owners participate from all transactions on the platform. CAK can be used, rented or sold by CAK-owners.
SOOLOOX will develop different apps to increase the platform value like a multi-currency wallet for FIAT and crypto currencies, apis for search engines, ai apps, etc..
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Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-16

Ends 2018-04-22

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-04

Ends 2019-06-30

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