Social Good Project ICO

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This is the world’s first socially contributing token ecosystem, with the SocialGood cryptocurrency. Tokens sold in this ICO are positioned with membership privileges that enable participation in the ecosystem.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-23

Ends 2018-12-16

Token Sale

Starts 2018-12-17

Ends 2018-12-23


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Soichiro Takaoka
Anon user
Sei’ichiro Yonekura


Social Good Project has no bounties.


Chris Butler gave this ICO a 2 / 5

I rated this a 2 because I think 1 is reserved for the obvious scams that poorly hide their true intentions. Social Good is flying all the red flags I have been trained to spot from a mile away. I don't like to give bad ratings and would normally skip an opportunity to rate an ICO that I had strong negative feelings about. To be fair though, I picked this randomly and read the white paper in its entirety and put significant time into researching this project. I had to move forward with my rating or all that time would have been wasted. Overall, this project needs a lot of fine-tuning. There a few noble philosophies and mentions of improving society which is hard to hate. I think, if they are sincere in their goals, then they need to hire some crypto community OGs and basically rewrite their white paper and business model from the ground up. This seems more like a rough draft or think-tank than a final product. I've been there guys and done this before. You can succeed if you take this rating as motivation and really take the steps to improve rather than feel insulted. Thank you. Please contact me if you would like more detail or advice.