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Today’s world is a data-driven society. The development of information technology and smart life brings explosion in the data growth. On one hand, the growth in storage capacity lags far behind that of data so that the demand for storage is far from being quenched, on the other hand, there is a great amount of storage space of individuals and enterprises lies idle and causes great waste of resources. Additionally, there are many pain points in current centralized storage systems, such as unencrypted, prone to data breach and abuse, alterable, impermanent, and expensive. 

Blockchain is new information technology that integrates distributed storage, consensus ledger, peer-to-peer transfer, encryption algorithm, and incentive mechanism. Its congenital attributes such as decentralization, open-source, autonomy, anonymity, traceability, inalterability will effectively solve the pain points of centralized storage system. Sharder Protocol is a cross-chain distributed storage protocol based on blockchain 3.0 and aims to greatly optimize the current blockchain technology, starting with the application of distributed storage and expanding to many other commercial applications. 

Technology Innovations: Sharder initiates cross-chain distributed storage protocol, and creatively introduces the role of Watcher and Prover in the network. It develops its own Sharder-UTXO model, which is compatible with the UTXO model of Bitcoin. The Sharder Chain running on Sharder Protocol is greatly upgraded in the robustness, security, privacy and availability of the system. 

Sharing Economy: The cross-chain distributed storage network based on Sharder Protocol provides the subscribers with secure, efficient, cheap and permanent storage service, and meanwhile allows the subscribers with redundant storage space to share their extra space to get reward. Analogous to Airbnb, the multi-chain scheme based on Sharder Protocol constructs a distributed, secure, convenient and permanent sharing network. 

Sharder Miners: Sharder will release its micro node miner (Sharder Hub) and storage-mining all-in-one (Sharder Box), which allow the miners to get multifold rewards by contributing both computing power and storage space to the network. 

Commercial Applications: Sharder Protocol is open-source and free, any public chain or storage network could deploy Sharder Protocol, and anyone could develop DApp on it. Bean Cloud is our first application that provides the storage, proof and security service for the vast e-contacts generated in governments, banks, medical care, e-commerce, etc. There are more ahead. Sharder is developing Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain, One Fair and other applications on data, AI and exchange. Besides the conventional data such as photos and documents, Sharder is hopefully to store any other data, for instance biological data (including gene information, growth log, medical records), and even thoughts and memories. Our mission and vision is: Store Your Stories. Your support will help our dream come true. 

Administration: In the spirit of openness, transparency, and democracy, Sharder Foundation is in charge of the Sharder protocol R&D, Sharder community management, and the promotion of Sharder products and culture.

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Starts 2018-01-29

Ends 2018-02-12

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Starts 2018-02-23

Ends 2018-03-23


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