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Concept description:

Senno is the blockchain’s first sentiment analysis platform with an open API for 3rd party apps. It utilizes distributed sentiment analysis and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create a real-time crowd wisdom ecosystem and sophisticated business intelligence analytics.

Senno will revolutionize the way decision making is made in the business and private sector because it will enable companies and individuals to tap into and stay connected to the sentiment by getting real-time indications of the public opinion on a specific entity in any field. 

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects?

There are many benefits of tapping into public opinion in real time. These include being able to identify threats or opportunities and respond immediately, to monitor the impact of changes made to the marketing campaigns and products as well as the performance in a specific time frame and location. 

Token Utility/Function: 

The Senno ecosystem is based on an open-source cryptographic token named SENNO. SENNO is the underlying cryptocurrency that drives Senno’s semantic analytic platform. SENNO is a NEP-5 token that makes it transferable and fungible. This consists of features that allow users to earn SENNO and use it to pay for services within the ecosystem. They can earn tokens by doing active work (e.g. plugin development), or passive work (e.g. sharing data from private channels).

Usage and Purpose: 

Activity in Senno’s ecosystem is performed primarily using SENNO tokens, making the token an integral part of the Senno platform and the driver of its economy, its uses include:

- Rewarding hardware contributors.

- Remuneration for software developers and providers of network resources.

- Payments to developers who provide sentiment tailored plugins that have been requested. 

- Commissions for affiliates that send referrals.

- Fees for the subscription to Senno’s crowd wisdom data and API usage.

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Starts 2018-03-31

Ends 2018-04-30

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