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Securix is an operationally ready cryptocurrency mining solution. The company is committed to simplifying investment in cryptocurrency through its innovative asset-backed SRXIO token, environmentally conscious power generation, and easy-to-use Mega Vault Wallet app.

Securix’s mining operation will be located in an old sugar factory in the Netherlands. This site was specifically selected based on four core requirements: strategic placement, safety, security, and scalability. The factory is over 10,500 square feet, 3 stories high, and large enough to house 24,000 mining units. With all of this infrastructure, Securix will be able to mine up to 24.5 Bitcoin on a daily basis.


Pre Sale

Starts 2018-08-04

Ends 2018-09-06

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-07

Ends 2018-10-31


Jacobus donkersloot
Jacobus Donkersloot
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Damian strauss
Damian Strauss
Founder and Chief Operations Officer
Marcel schoenmaker
Marcel Schoenmaker
Technology Architect / IT Manager
Danny van den nieuwendijk
Danny van den Nieuwendijk
Business Manager
Brenda stad
Brenda Stad
Accounting and Finance
Sascha bouman
Sascha Bouman
Business Manager
Jacky lu
Jacky Lu
Asia Pacific Regional Manager
Andrei kovalevski
Andrei Kovalevski
Marketing Manager
Gleb raskin
Gleb Raskin
Digital Marketer
Jack tonge
Jack Tonge
Graphic Designer
Jimmy cox
Jimmy Cox
DTS Tax Solutions
Hendrick jan duijn
Hendrik-Jan Duijn
DTS Tax Solutions
Boyan josic
Boyan Josic
ICO Advisor, Mogul Media, JOSIC Media,

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