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Centralized e-commerce players exercise significant discretion on the commerce that gets transacted on their platforms. For buyers and sellers, this translates to a lack of transparency, trust, control and flexibility of choice. aims to change that by giving the power back to the platform participants.'s vision is to transform eCommerce platforms in 2 ways:

1. From Centralized Monopolies (Intermediary) to a Decentralized Platform built on Digital Trust (Facilitator)

2. From Electronic (SKU) Commerce to Experience (XKU) Commerce is pioneering a concept of XKU or Experience-Keeping-Unit. XKU is an innovative extension of Stock-Keeping-Unit (SKU) and has 3 additional attributes namely Story, Source & Sustainability. The platform participants are incentivized to verify documents and information, and score the experiences on each of these 3 attributes. These scores are codified into UPC (barcode) as 3 additional blue lines and act as immutable ledger entries that are committed to the Blockchain. RUNS has already filed a provisional patent for XKU.

The RUNS Tokens are the primary value unit and native currency of the decentralized platform and will be used to incentivize the platform participants to perform verification of the XKU documentation, ratings, and subsequent transactions besides acting as the only medium of exchange on the ‘RUNS Platform’.


Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-17

Ends 2018-07-15

Token Sale

Starts 0201-07-16

Ends 2018-08-08

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Giri Devanur
Dr artit wangperawong
Dr. Artit Wangperawong
Chief Technology Officer
Carlos Fernandez
Chief Growth Officer
Sandesh nanjundappa
Sandesh Nanjundappa
Chief Digital Officer
Avi jain
Avi Jain
SVP - Finance
Reuben dsouza
Reuben D'Souza
Chairman, Advisory Board
Anthony robins
Anthony Robins
Anu rangachar
Anu Rangachar
Raghu murali
Raghu Murali
Jessica li
Jessica Li


Bounty title Category Reward
Signature | Facebook | Blogging | YouTube | Telegram Social 5,000,000 RUNS Go to details


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