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Russian Currencies RUCOIN

Crypto-currency secured by the obligations of RUCOIN LOYALTY

Rucoin cryptocurrency and the One Global Loyalty Network are aiming to be a bridge between virtual currencies of the digital world and world-known brands’ bonuses/discounts of the real world.

Now consumers don’t have to combine different rewards and loyalty points, they can just use Rucoin in the Global Loyalty Network, receiving goods and services that are necessary for them.

Stable and predictable Crypto-currency with quarterly increase in liabilities. The ability to carry out safe transactions using crypto currency Rucoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Every year, 48 trillion loyalty points from brands, services, hotels, airlines, etc. are not repaid/used in the world, the cost of which is 99 billion dollars. When consumers join membership of different brands, they receive loyalty points for each operation. But, as a rule, it often happens that it is not possible to use these loyalty points to get the desired rewards because of the rules and limitations of a loyalty program. These limitations include limited opportunities, products, services, etc. The users have a limited choice and cumbersome rewards program, which they leave.

This results in a double loss in the loyalty ecosystem. All these points have no value for users, as they are distributed throughout different loyalty programs and bonus accounts. And for brands/services, it becomes an obligation in the balance. In addition, users receive a virtual currency or application currency as rewards (for example, game points) from download, use of apps, games and websites that have no value in the real world.

The owners of applications and websites, that are constantly looking for new and effective ways to attract users and support them by means of rewards, face with the same problem. Many of them have already implemented a system of virtual rewards (points/icons/tokens/scores) to promote interaction. But outside the applications, these points and rewards do not transform into real value for their users.

Though the problem is well known, a unique, convenient and safe solution has yet to be developed. First and foremost, this is due to the current global infrastructure, which imposes legal, geographical and technological limitations to expand loyalty with a variety of partner brands, services that would be interesting to all categories of consumers.

Based on the blockchain, our proposed solution is the One Global Loyalty Network (Rucoin Loyalty), which integrates brands, manufacturers and consumers in one platform. Rucoin Loyalty will allow users of partner brands and Internet resources to link points and bonuses in Rucoin with local fiat equivalent ($ / ¥ / € / ₹, etc.), which, in turn, can be repaid in accordance with specified products and services of other partner brands.


Pre Sale

Starts 2017-11-22

Ends 2017-12-27

Token Sale

Starts 2018-01-15

Ends 2018-04-15

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Liliya Luchko
Founder and CEO
Aleksey Luchko
Project manager
Media i svyazi s obshhestvennostyu veredin e.a
Egor Veredin
Media and public relations
Alphiya Serechenko
Financial director
Irina Purysheva
Manager of the Bounty campaign
Stanislav Goroh
Front-end developer


Bounty title Category Reward
Rucoin ICO Bounty Social 500 000 RUCOIN Go to details


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