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We created the world's first fully robotic supermarket prototype where more than 90% of transactions with goods are made by robots. The buyer just selects the goods, add them to the basket and ... WOW!!! Robots collect your order themselves. You will be able to take away the goods via an automated dispensing rack when they are collected. 

You have a great opportunity to make purchases while being inside the store or from anywhere: at home, at work or while on the road. Use the mobile app to select items when being outside the store. Besides you have an opportunity to use the sensor rack if you are in the store.

If you are in the store – take away the goods immediately when your order is ready. If you are still at home or on the road: set a time when you are going to come for shopping. The robots will start to prepare your order 5 minutes before your arrival.

Late at the appointed time? Nothing wrong! The basket will be delivered to the temporary storage area where they will waiting for you in a chilled temperature.

Something happened on the way? No problems! The operator will take the goods away from the basket which was collected for you and the robots will place all goods back on the shelves.

No cash registers! No queues! Do not want to spend your time for household chores? Give the task to the robots in advance and they will do almost everything for you.

You just need to choose.

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