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It is time to reinvent insurance. Let us introduce you Crowdsurance.

We all heard about shared economy: people sharing cars, home, bikes, even wi-fi. But why can’t we share our risks and protect each other without insurance companies. We have to pay lots of money because only insurance companies have algorithms for risk assessment, technology and resources.

Leveraging our 20 years experience in risk assessment and scoring we are creating REGA Risk Sharing platform where everyone could unite in groups to protect each other. As REGA Platform has fundamental differences with conventional insurance in foundations, rules and philosophy, we introduce new term “Crowdsurance”.

Crowdsurance is the community of individuals shared their risks with each other. Crowdsurance inseparably connected with blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency.

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-09-15

Ends 2017-10-14

Token Sale

Starts 2017-10-15

Ends 2017-12-25

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Ts 40207
Sergei Sevriugin


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