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RAWG token is a blockchain-based unit to reward gamers for in-game achievements on RAWG platform. The RAWG token can be exchanged for goods and services. Advertisers can purchase ads on RAWG platform using RAWG tokens, while gamers can trade tokens for partner offers or cryptocurrencies. RAWG token is tied to the price for advertising on RAWG - 100 tokens will get you 1,000 impressions of a banner ad.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-22

Ends 2019-02-28

Token Sale

Starts 2019-03-01

Ends 2019-03-15

Introduction video


Gadji makhtiev
Gadji Makhtiev
Founder and CEO of leading Russian gaming outlet Kanobu with 15 years of experience in gaming and media.
Alexey gornostaev
Alexey Gornostaev
CPO of Kanobu. Former Project Manager of Game Insight, one of the largest mobile game developers in Europe.
Sergey ulankin
Sergey Ulankin
Former editor-in-chief of Roem, one of the most influential technology outlets in Russia.
Dasha lyalin
Dasha Lyalin
8 years as CEO for mobile VAS and entertainment streaming service at Svyaznoy, Eastern Europe’s biggest mobile retailer.
Samat galimov
Samat Galimov
Former CTO of leading Russian news website Meduza and social e-reading subscription service Bookmate.
Mike ger
Mike Ger
Former lead PR and marketing manager of Zeptolab and lead marketing manager of Yandex Turkey.
Igor matsanyuk
Igor Matsanyuk
(Advisor) Serial entrepreneur turned investor. He has invested in 40+ companies.
John hanke
John Hanke
(Advisor) CEO of Niantic Inc., responsible for Pokemon GO. Ex-VP Google of Geo Product Management.
Daniel wolfe
Daniel Wolfe
(Advisor) Co-founder of the Simoleon Long-Term Value fund that specializes in investments in blockchain securities.
Vyacheslav makarov
Vyacheslav Makarov
(Advisor) Head of the World of Tanks Product Group, head of R&D at Wargaming.net. Co-creator of World of Tanks.
Misha lyalin
Misha Lyalin
(Advisor) CEO of Zeptolab, the video game developer best known for the Cut the Rope series.
Vladislav kreinin
Vladislav Kreinin
(Advisor) Vice President of Marketing of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.
Eugene tartakovsky
Eugene Tartakovsky
(Advisor) Founder of Siberia Capital & Research Center and ex-CTO of Santiment.


Bounty title Category Reward
Create a video Social 15000 RAWG Go to details
Write a blog post Social 3000 RAWG Go to details
Add a signature Social 1600 RAWG Go to details
Retweet or share Social 20 RAWG Go to details


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