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Quinto has developed a provably fair gaming system in which players have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of games wherein winning is based entirely on odds, and completely verifiable.

Quinto players can enjoy a variety of games: Lottery, Dice, Bingo, Scratchers, and Poker. By hosting such a wide range of games, we will be able to attract a diverse group of gamers.

Quinto will allow deposits in most cryptocurrencies and fiat. Each currency is pegged to the USD for a 24 hour period when converting to/from currency to our internal Quintoshi credits (1 Quintoshi = $0.01 USD), therefore all wagers are using Quintoshi credits.

Our provably fair gaming system affords us the opportunity to offer significant jackpots within our gaming platform. Our Quinto Lottery will boast an attractive $20 million USD guaranteed jackpot which is 100% Pari-Mutuel and boast the highest returning percentage back to its participants; Quinto Dice will entice players with it $1 Million USD guaranteed jackpot; our Bonanza Bingo will offer a $10,000 USD guaranteed jackpot.  Other guaranteed jackpots, of less than $10,000 USD, are also up for grabs within our game options.

Quinto S.A. tokens [tacker symbol "QSA"] will be an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform.  Quinto will be issuing 500,000 QSA token at an exchange rate of 0.10 ETH or (1.00 ETH = 10 QSA).

Pre Sale

Starts 2020-02-14

Ends 2020-02-29

Token Sale

Starts 2020-03-01

Ends 2020-04-30


Steven Swanson
Programming language popularity2
David Best
Back-end Programmer
Stéphane Deuvaert
Lead Web Developer


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