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What is a current problem is the adoption of cryptocurrencies into normal life. Now is almost impossible to pay with any cryptocurrency for good, or do transfers etc. Also, the transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat is practically non-existent.

QTC mobile banking platform by a combination of newest technologies transforms smartphones for the first time to one-stop shop even the users are not in proximity to internet or Wi-Fi and can fulfill almost all transactions. Ideally, the POS will be replaced with QTC bank app.

QTC is a first global alternative asset with immediate liquidity and currency functionality. Extreme speed, reliability, and efficiency at a low cost with optional anonymous transfers. Readily available for those without access to bank services.

QTC is a one-stop shop solution. It is a simple, automatic and hassle-free banking tool which will be reachable anywhere and will be understandable and easy to use for everyone with no limits, in terms of age, ethnicity, education or geography.

QTC bank with QTC banking platform as the final stage of QTC project will bring the solution by providing cryptocurrencies to mainstream everyday users by a combination of newest technologies transforms smartphones for the first time to one-stop shop even the users are not in proximity to the internet or Wi-Fi and can fulfill almost all transactions. Unique QTC Lending Protocol - provides the immediate cash backed with cryptocurrency pool without the need to sell them.

Wallet – Exchange, Transfers, remittances cryptocurrencies P2P, B2B
•    Lending and microfinancing  through unique QTC lending algorithms
•    Direct payment through high secure inner chat messages (Social Payments)
•    Actively managed crypto assets portfolio
•    Geofencing and proximity functions
•    Community building

QTC Token is the core of all transactions made in banking platform. If you would you use all features of QTC platform and app, the user has to buy QTC tokens which are the engine of our ecosystem.

QTC mobile App will be made available for download via the IOS or Android marketplace and customers will finally be able to use major cryptocurrencies to pay for any fiat-based goods or services instantly, easily and immediately on any POS terminals with NFC technology, or through our QTCBeacons. 
QTC will take full advantage of this global contactless phenomenon, but instead of using it for traditional payment channel using fiat currencies, QTC will use it for cryptocurrencies through personal smartphones.

NFC, QR codes and Beacon in one application (hybrid app). Quantocoin with its QTC mobile app turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated Banking platform

This is a very unique component of the QTC ecosystem works via QTC Mobil app.
QTC Lending Protocol is the next step of the successful development of revolutionary QTC platform that provides the immediate cash backed with cryptocurrency pool. Contributors can now use the QTC  mobile app to hold/store their crypto assets without the need to sell them.
The QTC app  with Lending protocol has been specifically designed in the QTC ecosystem:
Contributors are allowed to leverage all their crypto-assets (QTC, BTC, ETH) to instantly obtain fiat cash which can be spent through payment card and cashless – contactless QTC mobile app. Within this lending period, the contributor’s asset portfolio is used as collateral, dynamically and instantly managed, giving the opportunity for profit and long-term growth of the portfolio.
Depend on portfolio value; the available cash balance is continuously changed and calculated by automated tokenized portfolio management algorithms (QTC protocol).

The Quantocoin Distributional Token Offering (DTO) is the logical, second step to distribute all QTC with respect to the whole QTC project vision (All tokens will be distributed).
70 million qtc tokens will be distributed in defined consecutive periods over the next 10 month. These tokens will be split into the same rolling windows of the same amount QTC availability.
At the end of a period, the respective set amount of QTC Tokens for that period will be distributed pro rata amongst all authorized contributors. Means everyone gets the same price., based on the total amount contributed during that period.

BANK QTC will be funded from the proceeds raised by the sale of our Quantocoin Tokens, which will, in turn, permit purchasers to reinvest their coins in the bank thereby providing access to its services. The Quantocoin Project, thus, ensures the merging of the current benefits of traditional banking with the potential of investing an a crypto-financial future. The main goal of the Project is to integrate and connect QTC into the traditional financial world, and to create a single gateway through a “QTC platform” for users, traders, investors and financial institutions with a whole range of add-on services.


Pre Sale

Starts 2017-11-12

Ends 2018-02-28

Token Sale

Starts 2018-07-01

Ends 2019-04-30

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Alexander Brexendorff
Pablo V. Dana
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Michel Salgado


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