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Providence is building the first fully​ ​cashless​ ​Crypto​ ​Casino​ ​&​ ​Resort​. A location for cryptocurrency and gambling enthusiasts to meet, party, and relax out in the real world and at a very attractive location. Through Blockchain Technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk into our physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that will enable them to play their favorite adrenaline-inducing casino games. In essence, Providence will enable players to turn their cryptocurrencies into fun and usable assets in the physical realm, thus addressing a major issue with currently limited solutions in the real world. Blockchain technologies alleviate the resort’s Gaming and Retail sector of conversion burdens. To compound convenience, providence pegs generated revenues to current exchange rates and also incentivizes token holders with “chipbacks” and rewards for utilising the token.

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Starts Unknown

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Token Sale

Starts 2017-10-04

Ends 2017-10-18


Michael Doherty
John Anthony Gonsalves
Development & Finances


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