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PROPX NanoChain

- A private blockchain for the property investment industry

Imagine people being able to invest their spare change into property at the click of a button. But instead of getting the lowest possible returns you earn the same returns, proportionately, as that which a large investor gets. We are building that system!

What is the system?

The system is called PROPX NanoChain, its a private blockchain investment platform for financial institutions and other clients. These organisations will use the system to create fractional investment products. Our platform will take care of every aspect of the product life cycle from product setup to managing the end consumer experience.

The opportunity

We're inviting you to partner with us in building the PROPX NanoChain. This ICO lets you get involved right at the start. We are selling PROPX tokens to fund the design and prototype development stage of the project. Later on PROPX tokens will be used as the currency on the investment platform. Businesses that use the platform will use PROPX to activate their services.

What's in it for you?

1. PROPX tokens

PROPX tokens are the "gas" on the private blockchain. Your tokens will be bought by corporates wanting to run services on the PROPX NanoChain. Demand will be driven by corporates which in turn will drive the token price. 

2. Buyback tokens

In return for your support, we give you one buy back token for every PROPX token you buy. Buy back tokens are not traded on any exchange. They are simply a way of rewarding you in the future for your support today. In the future, once the company is established, we will be able to make you an offer for your buyback tokens. The idea is that you get something out of the company once it is successful. 

3. Millions of FREE tokens

All the PROPX tokens that have not been allocated during the ICO will be distributed to PROPX token owners over the next 3 to 5 years. PROPX token owners at the time will receive free PROPX tokens to sell on the various exchanges as corporate demand grows. That's our only way of releasing tokens into the market - via PROPX token owners (at the time of distribution). 


Connect with us on slack (email for an invite.

Want to earn some cash?

Refer people to this project. When they buy PROPX tokens you earn 10% of the transaction in ETH - paid to your ETH wallet within 24 hours. Read more:


Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

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Token Sale

Starts 2017-10-15

Ends 2017-12-01


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