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Aperture, as manager of Property Coin, will invest 100% of the net proceeds from the Property Coin ICO in real estate and loans that will be 100% owned by Property Coin holders. 

Each Property Coin holder will own a fractional percentage of all assets in the Property Coin legal entity. Coin holders will also be entitled to 50% of the net profits from these property and loan investments. Aperture will re-invest those profits in new real estate related investments, with the intent of creating a natural price appreciation effect for coin holders.

Property Coin merges traditional securitization technology into the coin format and is being created in conjunction with one of the most respected law firms in structured finance.

We plan to raise up to $50 million to invest in the property and loan investment opportunities identified and evaluated by our proprietary toolset in conjunction with the expertise of our highly experienced team.

We have been beta testing our systems and methods since 2016, making real-world property investments with our own capital. This testing has resulted in the rejection of approximately 99.8% of available investment opportunities and we select only 0.2% of opportunities viewed. To date, we have produced over 50% unlevered IRRs on our investments.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-15

Ends 2018-04-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-01

Ends 2018-05-31

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Andrew jewett
Andrew Jewet
Matt miles
Matt Miles
Rudy cortes
Rudy Cortes
Head of Flips Operations
Pat fogarty
Pat Fogarty
Dan goldman
Dan Goldman
Head of Loan Operations
Ryan scott
Ryan Scott
Justin wu
Justin Wu


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