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Project Globatrix is based on the ideas of the decentralized Internet, information freedom, decentralized search, green blockchain that doesn't exclude miners from the game, not annoying and intelligent advertisements, collaborative webmasters network instead of competitive one, browsers without cookies and adware, two-directional links for data, new types of content licensing based on data segments and not the whole file license, the concepts of collaboration, honest sellers and reputation, organizations that are based on the community opinions and transparent electronic voting, trade of goods without money, no monopoly. All of that in a balanced ecosystem with adjusting segments not letting it all fall apart.


Our mission is to produce an entirely new, improved, self-sustainable and balanced virtual world with much lower competition and monopoly, based on the concepts of collaboration and honesty, making it possible for everyone to expand the borders of their perception not just outside the screen space, office documents, and primitive interfaces, but to the entire amazing and friendly virtual ecosystem with full VR experience and unlimited possibilities.


Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-09

Ends 2018-06-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-06-20

Ends 2018-09-21

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Dimitri Kostin
CEO, Platform architects


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