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The team from Project Elysian Coin wants to bring the world closer to cryptocurrency by providing guidance and advice regarding the creation of your own coin. We’re a registered company with the Dutch government and use Dutch bank accounts which we will reveal partly. Our team with Project Elysian Coin is composed of experienced developers and traders. They have all been involved in the cryptoworld for years, with a background of the business life. We also work with a company called PMM Media. We will start with an ICO on October 10th to accomplish our goal. We use a low price during the ICO sale because we want to see an increase in the price when the ICO sale ends. We could ask for a higher price if we look at other similar projects, but we don’t want that because we’re aiming for a lot of positivity when the coin lances on an exchange. Like said before, we sell packages for the creation of a coin and guidance during an ICO. We offer three packages with varying content. We want to generate profit with the selling of these packages. With a percentage of this profit we will buy back coins to create a rise in the price. In connection with explosive price falls and minimal price rises, we will allow large parts of the money we collect with the ICO to be paid out in fiat currencies (EUR/USD). We will keep our community up to date about these payouts. We want to function as transparent as possible and we don’t want to betray the trust of our investors.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-10-10

Ends 2019-01-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-10-10

Ends 2019-01-30


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