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Polybird is a global exchange platform that is akin to ‘World Stock Exchange’, but is multi-asset in nature where assets could be equities, bonds, crypto-assets, currencies, commercial real estate, or derivatives. Polybird is a third-generation advanced exchange platform for all tokens of value. Financial instruments can be issued (capital raisings) and/or directly listed. We envision to streamline issuance, interest rate or dividend payments, trading, clearing, settlement, custodianship, and other processes. 

Our utmost technological priority is the security of funds and of the platform, and we would choose a simple user-interface over a sophisticated one if the usage of such interface means a faster and more scalable platform. Our utmost non-technological priority is compliance. We intend to ensure that each asset within any asset class listed on our platform is compliant with jurisdiction it is being offered, where it is registered, and the jurisdiction of the exchange. While on the other hand, we want to ensure that issuers, investors, buyers, and sellers have access to only those offerings or trades that they are compliant to participate in.

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Starts 2018-09-01

Ends 2018-11-01


Harish D. Gupta
Co-Founder & CEO
Abhijit Kumar
Co-Founder & CSO
Shikhar Paliwal
Head of Engineering
Dylan S. Terrill
Head of Partnerships
Pankhuri Bansal
Head of Product Development
Thomas Yim
Multi-Asset Research
Steven Young
Jim K. Liew
Advisory Chairperson
Advisor2  2
Patrick L. Springer
Advisor - Global Equities
Arun Subramanian
Advisor - Global Commodities
Ko yang wang
Ko-Yang Wang
Advisor - Infrastructure


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