Pangea Token (Cryptocollectibles by DMD) ICO

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Pangea Token DMPNG (crypto collectibles by Domus Monetae Digitalis)

Pangea is a supercontinent that existed few hundred million years ago. Back then, it was the only continent in the world, but about 175 million years ago it started to break apart and after a long time got divided into continents that we have today.

This token has a very strong symbolic value: it marks the beginning, proves that sometimes changes occur when we least expect it and reminds that we all have the same roots.

Buy now and witness the beginning!

Domus Monetae Digitalis - a producer of digital highly collectible tokens has presented three lines of cryptocollectibles. Every once in a while (1-2 times a month) new collectible tokens will be designed and issued in very limited editions. Depending on the token line, there will be only between 1 000 and 500 000 tokens issued in each set made to represent the most remarkable events, achievements, phenomenon.

This is definitely an evolution and the future of collecting. While traditional gold and silver collectible coins get more and more often copied and duplicated, can easily be lost or stolen, blockchain brings in a new and yet unseen level of security by revolutionizing and digitalizing the old product and transforming it into a new dimension.

What is more, every token holder becomes a member of DMD Collectors Club and will benefit from member-only deals. To start with,  every member who owns at least one token from every set issued in that year will be awarded a Senior Collector Token (will not be available to purchase) at the end of the year.

While cryptocurrency trend and ICO parades are already starting to fade out, crypto collectibles are firmly making their way to the bright future. Not without a reason it has alredy won thumbs up and kudos from some of the greatest experts in the field!

Once much promising ICO era has already passed its peak and now crypto collectibles are ready to take over the hype!

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