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Paladium project aims to act as a CATALYST in the crypto-currency world, saving investors’ money from fraudulent activities in the field of Initial Coin Offerings, 

tokens distribution as well as the all crypto-enthusiast from negative influence of  fake news and speculative information and market manipulation.

Closed code – unique algorithm, designed exclusively for Paladium System and optimized for our CPU rigs and pdhash algorithm. 

There will be no other coins with similar algorithm. This will give call for further development and token price growth. 

Own equipment – CPU – adjusted, customized, environmentally friendly and energy efficient working prototype; 

It is already possible to mine pdcoin. Mining is configured for Direct Home and Industrial usage as well as Cloud and Distance form.

  Security guarantee: our company – Paladium Inc. will sell, adjust and guarantee all equipment, 

which will protect our buyers from fraud and scammers. Mining pool, account and exchange will be provided by our servers. 

Thus, you will be assured of the speed, safety and quality of our service and operations. 

Limited number of coins – 78 million. Unlike other projects with a limited number of coins, 

where this number exceeds tens or even hundreds of billion, our restriction is much more motivated. We want every coin to be valuable. 

This will protect the Paladium project from volatility, speculation on the exchange 

and inflation. Moreover, the limited nature of coins will create a deflationary environment, increasing a value of a coin.

The mission of the Paladium Project is to act as a CATALYST in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects in general

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-09

Ends 2018-05-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-08-01

Ends 2018-09-30

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Has spent over 15 years as an entrepreneur and innovator, almost entirely in digital and robotic innovations: taking big ideas and design through to delivery. With deep knowledge across technical, production and commercial areas, he has led global integrated product development and product marketing for brands like Microsoft, Skype. He has created and led multi-disciplinary global teams in both start-ups and multinational corporations, both client and agency side.
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Rachit Bhatt
Experienced Graphics, Web and App designer with degrees in Business Administration, IT and Computer Science.
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Nick Plahotnyuk
is an experienced marketing and sales expert with strong business acumen and previous expertise in startup incubation and communication strategy
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Genadii Rutov
is an expert in digital marketing, especially for financial services. He gained his SEO and social media experience while working as a leader of the multinational marketing team.
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Viktor Blew
International Specialist in Energy Sector, Renewable energy advisor , International Expert of Renewable Energy


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