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OLXA ICO Round1 is Live

with Special +40% Bonus

ICO occurs in 3 Rounds and ends on May/25/2018 at 4pm UTC or once 300 Million Coins are sold.


  After nine years of experience in E-Cash and Cryptocurrencies and seven years of financial researches and project creations through our experienced team, OLXA Group decided to launch OLXA Coins as a decentralized cryptocurrency and cryptoasset Hybrid POW/POS through the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract with advanced applications and bonuses among the members and token holders in order to become one of the easiest ways to make safe transactions with small businesses or big businesses or even for using OLXA Coins to buy or sell products or services online beside having the opportunity to contribute to Crowd-Projects in different fields such as Electrical Engineering, E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Education Technology.

OLXA Services

  OLXA Services and Crowd-Projects are considered as the back-bone of OLXA Coins, The main purposes of OLXA Coins Issuance are demonstrating a real life applications with global usage for OLXA users with the opportunity of contributing to  OLXA Projects in different fields.

OLXA Crypto Blockchain Services ICO

OLXA offers innovative and advanced products and services based on the BlockChain Technology. These excellent products and services include but not limited to; Wallets, Visa Card, Exchanges,  Letter Of  Crypto Credit, Crypto E-Shop and OLXA i-Advertising.


Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-01

Ends 2018-02-17

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-01

Ends 2018-05-25

Introduction video


Olxa 260x256
Farid Khader
Abdul-Monum Mowfaq
Bengt Andersson
Business Development
Zaheer Muneer
Advising and Consulting


Bounty title Category Reward
OLXA Video Contest – Win 10,000 OLXA! Social 10,000 OLXA Go to details
Special OLXA Bounty Social Media Bounty 50M OLXA Go to details


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