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NWP is a Blockchain solution that provides the end-user with access to their healthcare and quality-of life monitors by integrating Smart Devices and Databases into a single network. The NWP Platform constitutes significant advances in the field of data security and artificial intelligence (AI). NWP Solution is also launching a Smart Bracelet — NiteWell for the health monitoring of newborns from the age of birth to12 months. The bracelet correlates data related to heart rhythm, pulse, body temperature and the local environment which constitutes the key criteria for an active child’s life-care system during its formative year. The NWP platform also includes a facility for participants to resolve important tasks related to healthcare for themselves and the family such as optimizing clinical health care costs, insurance, drug purchase etc. NWP Smart Device owners can also choose to participate in research and development by providing their data for analytical research to participating companies. Blockchain technology ensures the integrity, security, and, most importantly, transparency in the way that the accumulated knowledge base is managed.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-30

Ends 2018-06-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-08-01

Ends 2018-12-01

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Alexander frolov 1
Alexander Frolov
CEO & Founder
Charlie schick 1
Charlie Schick
Co-Founder & Project Leader
Andrey blokhin 1
Andrey Blokhin
Dmitry selkov 1
Dmitry Selkov
Andrey shipilov 1
Andrey Shipilov
Lead Architect Developer
Anita singh 1
Anita Singh
Omar chikovani 1
Omar Chikovani
Head of Product
Alexander preobrazhenskiy 1
Alexander Preobrazhenskiy
GR / Legal Counsel
Vadim shvalev 1
Vadim Shvalev
Medical Consultant
Maya zotova hess 1
Maya Zotova-Hess
Financial Director
Warren whitlock 1
Warren Whitlock
Adviser, Influence Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer
Gene libov 1
Gene Libov
San Bruno, CA, United States of America. Adviser
Danil kislinskiy 1
Danil Kislinskiy
San Francisco, CA, United States of America. Adviser.
Dmitry shmakov 1
Dmitry Shmakov
Alex linenko 1
Alex Linenko
Tokenomics, business and financial model, strategy, adviser
Sergey repko 1
Sergey Repko
ICO strategy, marketing, IR, adviser


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