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Nortonchain is a dias on which several other platforms can be built on just like the bitcoin blockchain and where transactions are executed in every second and confirmed. Nortonchain is with its own exchange, a decentralized exchange where users no longer have to worry about passwords and emails to login, neither do they have to worry about private keys. With Nortonchain's AI, the exchange is capable of having users simply login with their face being recognized as their login information. Nortonchain has its representative coin called Norton Coin. Norton Coin is a payment coin used on the numerous Norton Platforms. It's atomic swap capable and is used on other platforms outside of Nortonchain for countless usages.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-08-01

Ends 2018-08-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-01

Ends 2018-10-30


Samuel strong
Samuel Strong
John lucky
John Lucky
Senior Blockchain Developer
Dadapir galgale
Dadapir Galgale
Marketing Manager
Udemi sol
U'demi Sol
Software Developer
Gurpreet chauhan
Gurpreet Chauhan
Marketing and Exchange
Lalit sharma
Lalit Sharma
Lucky uwakwe
Lucky Uwakwe
Platform Development Advisor


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