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Nollycoin powers a Peer-To-Peer content sharing System for the Movie industry. Nollycoin allows movie producers and their collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a “blockchain”. 

These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of the movie producers and creative artists themselves. 


• Producers and Content Owners register and load their content on the NOLLYTV.NET blockchain ledger powered portal

• The Owner or Producer executes a smart Contract that stipulates the different rights and compensation percentages of fixed payments for different key collaborators on each sale of the content before the content is available for worldwide consumption

• Content (movies etc) is then publicly published on NOLLYTV for consumers to buy and consume with Nollycoin as the means of exchange.

• Users make payments through the portal wallet for the content of their choice using NOLYCOIN (which can be purchased by fiat money or other currencies available on the platform exchange for those who do not have Nollycoin)

• The Decentralized Ledger automatically records and authenticates the transactions from each sale to all beneficiaries based on the smart contract

• All Transactions are then added into encrypted blocks and officially added to the blockchain in a permanent form and reviewable by all parties with no one being able to edit, delete or amend the permanent record.

• The micropayments are automatically credited to the portal wallet  of different beneficiaries based on the published smart contract for that content

• Beneficiaries can now withdraw their money from their Wallets at any time in Nollycoin which they can keep for the value, or convert to fiat money or other cryptos on the Nollytainment exchange or other public exchanges where Nollycoin is traded.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-28

Ends 2018-03-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-31

Ends 2018-04-30


Dr ope banwo
Dr. Ope Banwo
Daven michaels
Daven Michaels
Olufemi awoyemi 1
Olufemi Awoyemi
Kayode ayeni 1
Kayode Ayeni
Daniel ademinokan 1
Daniel Ademinokan
Vaughn itemuagbor100x100
Vaughn Itemuagbor
Technical Director


Bounty title Category Reward
Twitter campaign Social media Go to details
Facebook campaign Social media Go to details
Instagram Campaign Social media Go to details
Reddit Campaign Social media Go to details
Content Creation Campaign Article, Blog, and Video Best article review will win: First place- $750 nollycoin 2nd place- $500 nollycoin 3rd place-$250 nollycoin Best video review will win: First place- $1000 nollycoin Second place- $500nollycoin 3rd place-250$nollycoin Note: All participants are guaranteed of stake in our content creation program Rewards might change depending on the number of participants. The higher number of participants will mean higher amount of prizes Articles : Distribution of tokens • low quality  —  10 stakes • fair quality —20 stakes • high quality—30 stakes Videos : Distribution of tokens • low quality  —  10 stakes + 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views • fair quality —20 stakes + 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views • high quality—30 stakes+ 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views Go to details
Translation Campaign ANN Go to details
Telegram campaing Telegram Go to details
Signature Campaign Signature Campaign Jr. member —50$ Nollycoin/week Member- 70$Nollycoin/week Full member- 90$ Nollycoin/week Sr. member — 150$ Nollycoin/week Hero/Legendary — 180$ Nollycoin/week Go to details


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