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Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Our innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and effciency of use.

Our innovative developments, research activities in the feld of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use.

In 2017 the Node brand was created in order to implement the idea of the project, register the intellectual property rights, attract key specialists in the feld of wireless energy transmission to take part in the development of the products. Today, it offers the market a number of technical solutions in the feld of wireless energy transmission - from consumer electronics to industrial products.

Features of Node: 

- Intelligent Remote and simultaneous transfer of energy to many devices with any power

- Responsive - Technology can be applied to any electronics

- Reasonable Low to medium cost, in comparison with other solutions, energy conversion efficiency 90%

- Smart Design Less wires and more space saving. Convenient use and storage

- Style Ergonomic and modern design

The process of creating products using technologies from Node passed the stage from experimental studies to the creation and successful final testing of prototype devices.


Among the competitive advantages of wireless transmission technology from Node the following points can be highlighted:

✓     Variety of energy solutions from milliwatts to megawatts

✓     Ability to transmit energy to long distances

✓     Ability to transfer energy through any materials and environments

✓     Three times less weight and compactness

✓     Possibility of charging devices production of any shape, including flexible ones

✓     Ability to charge devices without a fixed position

✓     Attractive price of products makes them affordable


The project's ITO (Initial Token Offering), presented by Node, is a fundraising operation aimed at the commercialization of technology and continuous production of devices.

The NODE token gives a unique opportunity to participate in a revolutionary technological start-up. The current round of the funds raising is aimed at financing the production and organization of marketing and sales for the Node's devices.

The current stage of development is the best time to invest:

  • R&D phase, prototype production and testing are successfully completed

  • All Tests of prototypes demonstrate full compliance with the declared characteristics

  • Maximum potential for the increase in investment

  • Smoothed risks related to the product's performance

  • Opportunity that is usually only available to business angels and venture capitalists.

The NODE token holders will have an opportunity to rise their profit based on the annual redemption of tokens as well as on the discount program offered by the Node company.


Tokens buyback case

If $1000 is spent on the Pre-ITO and 1500 NODE tokens are received, the following 2 scenarios are possible:

  1. Exchange tokens for Node products with a 25% discount and purchase Alpha or Eon for $2000 at the market value. In this case, your beneft will be equal to 100%.

  1. With a realistic ITO scenario, the volume of the NODE tokens sold will be $5mln. In March 2019, 15% of undistributed profit for 2018 ($0.84 mln) will be directed for the redemption of tokens. At a market value of $2 per each NODE, 420 000 NODE tokens will be redeemed. Accordingly, 1500 NODE tokens can be sold for $3000, therefore a 200% profit is received from the $1000 invested during Pre-ITO. Given the fact that the redeemed tokens are burned, there will be fewer tokens on the market every year, and the remaining NODE tokens in circulation are projected to grow by 40-60% annually. Accordingly, with each year of ownership, an ITO participant can receive a 50% increase in the price of each held token.

The demand for NODE tokens will be also formed by a combination of factors: the implementation of a buyback and the provision of a discount on products when purchased directly from Node. Depending on the ITO implementation scenario, with some assumptions, it is possible to calculate the estimated annual "organic" demand for NODE tokens. 

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-12-07

Ends 2018-01-07

Token Sale

Starts 2018-02-15

Ends 2018-04-16

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Pavel Zelenin
Daniil Morozov
Oleg Pensky
Chief scientific officer
Dmitry Okulov
Chief technical officer
Irina Kotova
Financial planning and accounting expert
Denis Konogorov
Investments expert
Vadim Kotov
Ekaterina Naimushina
Community Manager
Mikhail Pan
Sales. Asian markets.
Yulia Trubnikova
Sales. European and US markets
Evgeny Petrikin
Sales. Middle Eastern markets
Ibtihaj Abrar
Product designer
George Mikaberydze
Georgii Erman
Elizaveta Tolstikova
Sergey Lepeshkin
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