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Neufund is a community-owned or investors-owned fundraising platform bridging the worlds of venture capital and blockchain space.

WE RE-IMAGINE ICOs: We love the idea of ICOs, but the processes need to be improved. The Neufund Platform enables the community to get real equity in companies they invest in, represented by equity tokens.

WE CONNECT THE OFF- AND ON-CHAIN WORLD: The platform connects the off- and onchain world. Almost any company can emit equity tokens and get funded on Neufund Platform.

YOU OWN THE PLATFORM: By participating in our ICBM you gain economic ownership of the platform we are building - represented by the NEU token.

YOU ENJOY RISK-FREE COMMITMENT: You decide whether (1) you invest your contributed ETH into a company as soon as the platform is operational, (2) get 100% of your contributed ETH back after 18 Months if you don’t invest, or (3) retrieve it at any time with a processing fee of 10%.

YOU EARN FROM HOLDING: As a NEU holder you earn with every successful transaction on the Neufund Platform.

YOU BENEFIT FROM A GROWING PORTFOLIO: NEU holder owns a share of a growing equity token portfolio of all companies which are funded on the platform.

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Pre Sale

Starts 2017-11-12

Ends 2017-11-17

Token Sale

Starts 2017-11-17

Ends 2017-12-17


Zoeadamovicz bw
Zoe Adamovicz
CEO and Co-Founder
Marcinrudolf bw
Marcin Rudolf
CTO and Co-Founder
Andre eggert
Andre Eggert
Legal Architect


Bounty title Category Reward
Signature Campaign — 20% of total bounty Social 5-80 stakes depending on status on Bitcointalk Go to details
Translation and Forum moderation — 20% of total bounty Translations 60 stakes Go to details
Blogs — 30% of total bounty Social up to 60 stakes Go to details
YouTube Videos — 30% of total bounty Go to details


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